Happy Hog tied trina

Slave: Trina Michaels

Images: 43

Slave Trina Michaels is going to take it she knows I will rope her up tight and keep her till she cant go any longer. Slave Trina feels the ropes going on and starts to get warm she knows I like to see her in tight rope and I want to make her sweet she will struggle at first but as time goes on I know she will give in to my rope . I like to see that moment when she realizes she is mine and there is no way she could get out . that moment in her face when it all changes from it being fun to hard to "I am his" and I will sit and watch and enjoy every moment .

charlotte vale fucking mech

Slave: Charlotte Vale

Images: 50

she is bound with steel held in place on her knees with all her holes filled . She has a cock in her mouth for her to suck . and she likes having a cock in he mouth . she feels me insert a steel hook in her hungery slut hole and now she is feeling tight . all I need to do in fill her fuck hole with the relentless funcking mechanical cock . now she has all her holes filled . she now knows her place .

Bald is Beauteful

Slave: Shae Snow

Movies: 5

She has been a brat and I know she takes pride in being unuique she thinks her pussy hair is something that men are attracted to . I dont like harry pussy and I will teach her about serving her man . I will make her feel naked and vulnrable and I will make her pussy sensative and I will make her cun for me . Slave Shae Snow will be trained.

SteerTied Beauty Dia Z

Slave: Dia Zerva

Images: 101

She looks so pretty hair and makeup so pretty. So I had to tie her up like a piece of meat and admire her . But once I had her bound with rope and tied in a way that gave me access to her naked ass and the soals of her feet I had to beat her .

Alexa Von Tess Mitts Vid 2

Slave: Alexa Von Tess

Movies: 2

Alexa Von Tess gets strapped and chained in place. Standing up so everything is exposed, she gets the mitts and is made completely helpless. Her labia are covered in clothespins and her tits get the same. It’s so hot to watch the clothespins shake from her trembling body as she endures and enjoys being restrained, pinned, and choked and comes from the pain. Her tits and nipples turn purple from the clothespins and Damon fondles them as she rides the vibrator and cums hard.

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