Sarah Jane Ceylon Interview

Slave: Sarah Jane Ceylon

Movies: 2

Meet slave Sarah Jane Ceylon. Other slaves come into My parlor dreading heavy impact play or immobilizing restraint. Not so with My victim today. Sarah Jane is a pure masochist. She is a slave to bondage and a slave to pain. For Sarah Jane, the most uncomfortable part of her experience today is the interview. She remains charming as she suffers through her introduction, then eagerly surrenders into My clutches.

Slave Kim Suspended & Waxed

Slave: Kimberly Kane

Images: 72

Slave Kimberly Kane has never been suspended or played with wax. Today I have the joy of popping both of her cherries. Wrapping her elbows tightly together in bondage, I ease her into an elaborate face up suspension where I can open and close her legs at My desire. Kim is very nervous, but when the wax comes out, her facial expressions are the sexiest I have ever seen her make, and all are captured on camera.

Alexa Jordan Blind Goggles

Slave: Alexa Jordan

Movies: 2

Slave Alexa Jordan is put in a predicament and fucked with a relentless mechanical device. She is blinded with blackout goggles so she can only guess what is cumming next. Her nipples are exposed and they get tortured with mouse traps attached to her toes, so if she moves her feet her nipples get pulled! All the while the fucking machine is slowly moving in and out and her clit gets a little attention with a vibrator.

Shae Snow the Bratty Blond

Slave: Shae Snow

Movies: 1

I spent some time talking with this straberry blond . she told me of how she wanted to be watched and how she wanted to be chalanged and wanted me to not give in wanted me to have my way with her and not let her trick me o miniplate me . she wanted me to make her my toy .

Ashley Renee Slut Posing

Slave: Ashley Renee

Images: 16

There isn’t anything better than an innocent little school girl that you can turn into your slutty slave. Slave Ashley Renee lures you in with her lifted little skirt and coyish smile only to offer you her tiny tight pink pussy. Ashley Renee is THE bondage girl we all dream about and today she is all Mine.

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