Strappado stripped


Movies: 2

she waites and suffers her huge tits and round ass exposed . she dosnt know what will happen but she is struggling and that turns her on I snap rubberbands around her big hanging tits and vibe her as i beat her she knows she will cum and it will be even better because she has to struggle through the pain .

Strappado stripped

Slave: Trina Michaels

Movies: 2

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Inverted Frog

Slave: Catherine De Sade

Images: 28

Slave Catherine de Sade is bound with rope and hangs upside down. Helpless and vulnerable, I move my hands over her fit and strong body exploring her and feeling her tremble. She knows I can be mean and it turns her on. I make her do sit ups while I beat her, forced workout, and when she shows me how strong she is - I make her cum. For me.

Sara Faye Ball Tie

Slave: Sara Faye

Images: 34

slave Sara Faye is so sexy, tied and suspended with her ass placed so nicely in view. I spank her and vibrate her horny pussy. With her blindfolded she can only feel the sensations inflicted on her tightly bound body. Sara Faye loves being used, and used she shall Be...

Latex Breath

Slave: Catherine De Sade

Images: 41

Slave Catherine De Sade is bound over a table and everything is taken from her. She has a latex hood over her face, taking from her the ability to see and her ability to hear. She is covered in latex and feels rope holding her in place. She is a strong slave and likes to feel that she has no control. As she hangs she begins to feel helpless and her slutty cunt gives it away she is totally aroused.

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