Standing Slave CB

Slave: Slave CB

Movies: 2

Perched on ballet slippers CB struggles to not only stand but to obey Claire Adams. Watch as Claire ties this slave to a tree and clamps her pussy lips and nipples together. CB finds it hard to remain obedient and is humiliated with Claire’s feet in her face. Claire finishes this slaves torture by ripping the clamps off off her pink nipples and tender pussy lips.

Ashley Renee Squat Tie Stills

Slave: Ashley Renee

Images: 107

Ashley Renee is rope bound to a wooden chair in a position that will make her sweat. Ashley is a true slave who loves bondage and the challenge of a stressful position. When her body starts to shake, her legs are released, her panties shredded, and she’s spanked until her ass turns pink and forced to cum on a vibrator. Ashley Renee is a vision in bondage who feels sexiest in rope with drool dripping from her mouth.

Alexa Gets The Mitts Video

Slave: Alexa Von Tess

Movies: 2

Alexa Von Tess is bound and tormented until the only option is surrender. I bind her with tight leather straps. I connect the pieces with dark, oily chain, trapping Alexa in a cruel and intricate web of bondage. I stuff her hands into the rubber mitts and pump them up until her arms are swollen and effectively restrained. It only takes moments to tear screams from this slut's throat as I spank her ass and make her suffer for Me...

table tied tart

Slave: Ashley Renee

Movies: 3

Super hot Ashley dressed to impress and feeling dirty .She is bound and knows she will be used and she will be made to feel like a toy .

Sarah Faye's Intro Video

Slave: Sara Faye

Movies: 2

Sara Faye appears comfortable as she looks around the room at the varied implements and anticipates her torments. There are candles, there are cages and there is plenty to fear, but Sara is not apprehensive because, she explains, she feels good vibes from me. Sara has topped before, but she is submissive at heart. Today, she is looking forward to everything. So am I...

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