Breath Slow Be Calm & Cum

Slave: Claire Dames

Movies: 2

In this video, slave Claire Dames can only see shapes and that makes her afraid. She feels me touch her and that makes her breath harder, I begin to put clips on her big, sensitive tits and she starts to breath even faster. I say to her, “Keep calm. Breath with the pain and throbbing in your sluthole. And you will cum hard. But if you panic, you will pass out and I will beat you.”

Bound to struggle

Slave: Catherine De Sade

Images: 77

Slave Catherine De Sade is bound to the wall and gagged. Her pale skin quickly turns pink as I add clothespins and then grope them. Her beautiful eyes beg me to stop and then beg me to cum. She is a wonderful slave with a hungry pussy.

Ball Gag Bound Blonde Vid

Slave: Bridgett B

Movies: 2

In this super sexy video, this tan hard-bodied american dream sex slave Bridgett B is bound in brown belts and gagged. She squirms and wiggles in a tight hogtie. I tickle her feet and she squeals with adorable anguish. When I cut off her clothes to expose her perky nipples and eager holes, we can see how turned on she is. What a slut.

BallGag Bound Blonde

Slave: Bridgett B

Images: 50

Slave Bridgette B sluts it up until I bind her with belts and start to explore that sexy tan body of hers . She is a horny girl and as I strip her and bind her tight she feels helpless and that helpless feeling gets her hornny ....

Standing Slave CB

Slave: Slave CB

Movies: 2

Perched on ballet slippers CB struggles to not only stand but to obey Claire Adams. Watch as Claire ties this slave to a tree and clamps her pussy lips and nipples together. CB finds it hard to remain obedient and is humiliated with Claire’s feet in her face. Claire finishes this slaves torture by ripping the clamps off off her pink nipples and tender pussy lips.

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