Dia Zerva Hurdlers Beating

Slave: Dia Zerva

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Slave Dia Zerva came to me, a new girl in the scene, and begged me to beat her. Being the sexy hardbodied runner that she is, I decided to suspended her in a hurdler’s stretch. Her leg elegantly pierces forward and her pussy is unobstructed and open for my use. I clamp her pussy lips with clothespins and tape them so her pussy is stretched wide open. She gets so wet so fast, and I taunt it a little more with some impact play. She soon learns she can cum from just a little beating.

Alexa Gets the Mitts

Slave: Alexa Von Tess

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Alexa Von Tess is my toy for the day, to play with however I wish. I immobilize her with chains and straps. I turn her hands useless in black rubber mitts. No amount of struggle will free her from restraint. This is precisely what i want. I torment her with my acrylic paddle, unforgiving clamps, and the thin, stinging cane. I rub her pussy between torments, allowing the pleasure to mingle with the pain.

Ebi whipped and bound

Slave: Charlotte Vale

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Slave Charlotte Vale is so adorable. She tells me of how she likes to feel helpless. So I bind her in a tight lotus tie and put he in a position to expose her sensitive pink pussy to my touch and my whipping. As I beat her little hornny hole she gets turned on from my abuse and I finish her with my fingers telling her what a good girl she has been for me.

Claire & CB In Woods Vid

Slave: Claire Adams

Movies: 2

Slave CB is in a hogtie suspension rigged by the incredible Claire Adams. Bound in a tree in ballet boots, slave CB squirms and struggles in this strenuous tie. Claire Adams torments her pussy with a crotch rope and spreads her legs wide to show us all CB’s little bits.

Sarah Blake Breaking Canes

Slave: Sarah Blake

Images: 54

Looking into slave Sarah Blake’s eyes tells you she wants to submit! Watching her take every cane stroke until they break tells you she loves being a slave and that she is a hardcore masochist. Her body bruises beautifully and the cane strokes across her ass and thighs is a lovely site. She’s helpless in rope bondage and loves every second of it.

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