Slave Priscilla's web

Slave: Priscilla

Images: 53

This slave came to me and told me how she had never been suspended and how she liked to be a object for a man to enjoy so with red rope I began to explore her body and and I got ready to suspend her she fell into subspace and I knew I was going to make her beg for a few orgasams. Watching that moment cone over a slave when she realizes she has no control over her sex is so hot.

charlotte vale piledriven slut

Slave: Charlotte Vale

Images: 29

I bind slave Charlotte in steel so she cant move without feeling me . I want to see is she can cum as I beat her.

Alexa Jordan Exit Interview

Slave: Alexa Jordan

Movies: 2

This worn out slut sits and tells us her thoughts on the experience she had in My clutches. She is a very beautiful girl and knows it. She has never been pushed before. People treat her like she is fragile, but I know she can take it and wanted to be pushed.

Kim's Slave Positions Video

Slave: Kimberly Kane

Movies: 2

Slave Kimberly Kane has a knock out body and a very hot pussy. She shows Me how well she has learned the slave positions I have taught her to perform in this sexy video update. I chose to start this way to put her in the right mind set. This is the beginning of a wonderful night.

Sarah Toy tied

Slave: Sarah Blake

Images: 30

SlaveSarah Blake is a pretty little fuck toy I like to have her put on a show for me and then tie her and have my way with her . she almost purres as I finger her tight holes and the tighter she is bound the wetter she gets.

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