Bound to struggle

Slave: Catherine De Sade

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Slave Catherine De Sade is bound to the wall and gagged. Her pale skin quickly turns pink as I add clothespins and then grope them. Her beautiful eyes beg me to stop and then beg me to cum. She is a wonderful slave with a hungry pussy.

Sarah Jane Arm Torment Vid

Slave: Sarah Jane Ceylon

Movies: 2

This is one video update that I thoroughly enjoyed. Slave Sarah Jane Ceylon gets her limits tested and pushed with some crazy bondage. From her fingers to her ankles every part of her is individually restrained into a kneeling position with metal either screwed into the wood or bolted to her body. I want to test her limits with hand and forearm torment to see whether she will beg for release or beg for more.

charlotte exit interview

Slave: Charlotte Vale

Movies: 2

slave charoltte tells us how she feels about her experences and coming form a girl who lives as a slave . she lives to serve and is not a pain slut but will endure for a Man who owns her.

Sarah Jane Ceylon Interview

Slave: Sarah Jane Ceylon

Movies: 2

Meet slave Sarah Jane Ceylon. Other slaves come into My parlor dreading heavy impact play or immobilizing restraint. Not so with My victim today. Sarah Jane is a pure masochist. She is a slave to bondage and a slave to pain. For Sarah Jane, the most uncomfortable part of her experience today is the interview. She remains charming as she suffers through her introduction, then eagerly surrenders into My clutches.

Slave Kim Suspended & Waxed

Slave: Kimberly Kane

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Slave Kimberly Kane has never been suspended or played with wax. Today I have the joy of popping both of her cherries. Wrapping her elbows tightly together in bondage, I ease her into an elaborate face up suspension where I can open and close her legs at My desire. Kim is very nervous, but when the wax comes out, her facial expressions are the sexiest I have ever seen her make, and all are captured on camera.

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