Alexa Jordan Blind goggles

Slave: Alexa Jordan

Images: 84

Slave Alexa Jordan looks so sexy bound with her legs open and hands over her head . She cant see what I am planning to do to her . She wiggles and moves her sexy ass. slave Alexa Jordan wants to cum for me she wants me to enjoy her . This sexy slave can only fantasize about what I will do to her .

Charlotte Vale's Interview

Slave: Charlotte Vale

Movies: 2

Meet slave Charlotte Vale. She is here because in her heart and soul she desires to please, to serve and to surrender. Her pain tolerance is not the highest, but no matter how I wish to hurt and use her, she will submit because it pleases Me. In this interview, Charlotte describes in depth why she is a slave to bondage and what Domination and submission mean to her...

Ottomon Tied Sarah Blake Video

Slave: Sarah Blake

Movies: 2

Sarah Blake is always ready and open to being used for my pleasure. She loves being bound and feeling helpless. I tie her to my ottoman with her ass raised by pillows. Sighs and whimpers escape with every exhalation as she languishes under my ropes. Her chest heaves, her hips writhe, and her toes curl with desire and anticipation...

Dia Zerva's Interview

Slave: Dia Zerva

Movies: 2

Meet slave Dia Zerva. Dia only recently got her first taste of real BDSM with My slave, Claire Adams. As Dia has continued to explore, she has developed desires that already reveal her need to be a slave to bondage. She fantasizes about blindfolds and sensory deprivation. She craves to give up control to someone else. Dia shares her desires and aspirations in this cute and enlightening video interview...

Slave CB Metal Chair Video

Slave: Slave CB

Images: 95

This is slave cb, who I really enjoy shocking with electro fun in her ass and pussy. It is quite the interesting spectacle to watch her struggle as with pain and fear as she tries to not give in. I set the electricity to flow in waves that keep rising and rising...slave cb starts off giggling but soon she is emoting through frantic tremolo mews and howls. slave cb really is I top off the day with a fun beating...

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