Dia in Pile Driver

Slave: Dia Zerva

Images: 77

slave Dia Zerva makes her debut at slave to bondage with a stellar heavy bottom play time. In a bondage by request scene, Dia is tied in a strict bondage position - pile driver. I test her limits with pain and learn that Dia can come from feet caning and I am curious about what else she can do. Dia requests that I torment her pussy with My favorite pussy paddle. I am very curious to see just how much she can take...

Sarah Blake's Reverse Prayer

Slave: Sarah Blake

Images: 39

Sarah Blake is a naughty slut. With make-up smeared over her face she resembles a doll that has been played with way too much...or in her case, playing with herself way too much. She spreads her pussy wide open, sticking slippery latex gloves into her wet hole. I bind her in a reverse prayer, toss her on the floor, and force her to lick up her cum like the hot little bitch in heat that she is...

Slave Dia in Pile Driver Video

Slave: Dia Zerva

Movies: 2

Dia Zerva is still new to BDSM and is eager to try new things. She has never been bound in a pile driver position and she is curious about trying pussy play. I bind her in elaborate rope bondage and stuff a nice red ring gag in her mouth. This is going to be fun. Dia cums from foot caning before we move on to her desired pussy torment. Time to see just how much bondage by request slave Dia can take...

Tree Bound Girls

Slave: Claire Adams

Images: 59

slave Claire Adams is so amazingly beautiful and flexible. I tie her corseted body to a tree in the great outdoors. Her legs are extended gracefully over her head, her feet, perfectly pointed in ballet boots. I leave slave cb to lust over her. Two beautiful girls in a sexy dance with nature...

Madison Young Pillar Bound

Slave: Madison Young

Images: 60

slave Madison Young is tied to a pillar. Claire and I clamp her nipples and pussy, then attach buckets and fill them with water. We enjoy the predicament we put her in. Claire and I cane Madison and torture her with water until she is screaming like a banshee. What a crazy girl...

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