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What is Slave To Bondage?

At SlaveToBondage.com, beautiful submissive women experience suspension, rope bondage, extreme restraints and severe ties by Damon Pierce.

This on-line community features Domination/submission videos of gorgeous slave girls who love to be bound and fucked hard by dildos, fingers, and devices. Slave To Bondage features well-known and amateur models and porn stars who like strict bondage and rough sex.

They enjoy spanking, flogging, clamps, electrical play, tight gags, blindfolds, breast bondage, Japanese Shibari rope bondage, suspension bondage, hot wax, and ball gags. Some specific ties used are ebi tie, hogtie, elbow tie, hair tie, strappado, breasts tie, frog tie, ball tie, lotus tie, suspension tie, partial suspension tie, bamboo tie. Other types of bondage include girls tied to furniture, face bondage, device bondage, toys tied in girls, predicament bondage, and many more.

You will see bondage expert Damon Pierce subdue female slaves in positions that leave them helpless and subject to the Master’s strict will. This Master loves administering pain, corporal, bdsm, training, and forced orgasms to willing girls. Master Damon Pierce applies a series of torments that may include activities ranging from nipple clamps, slave training, breath play, clit clamps, stress positions, caning, tease and denial, boot worship,
orgasms to a zipper of clothespins.

Don’t feel sorry for these slave girls because these strict things happen to girls who need them. Join Slave To Bondage to watch tied and dominated submissive women in domination submission play to the strict restraint, exquisite pain and overwhelming pleasure of this extreme bondage porn. SlaveToBondage.com is updated weekly, with original photography, videos, and amateur photo galleries submitted by members.


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